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HDPE Geomembrane is one of the most effective waterproofing solutions available today. It is widely applied in the construction of many hydroponics, aquaculture, agriculture, landscape projects, etc. Bringing high economic efficiency to modern life.

In many industrial and civil constructions, waterproofing is an essential factor to determine. It affects the operation and quality of life of the structures. With today’s modern scientific advancements, technology and construction materials, HDPE waterproofing membrane was born. It not only does a good job of waterproofing, but also integrates many advantages in terms of cost and high applicability.

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Applications of HDPE Geomembrane

The reason why this waterproofing membrane is so popular today is to mention its outstanding advantages. Not only having a high level of waterproofing, HDPE membranes also bring investors the benefits of cost and shorter construction time. This product also ensures environmental safety requirements according to construction regulations.

Most importantly, the life of the waterproofing membrane is quite high, perhaps even more than 25 years. The applications of HDPE Geomembrane are very diverse, with each specific project, the requirements for membrane structure will be different. 

1) Industrial Applications

In terms of industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing usage, HDPE Geomembranes are used to line the bottom of landfills, waste dumps, and chemical dumps. These generally are for the purpose of preventing waste from seeping into the environment, polluting the soil and water. Other places which use this waterproofing membrane include landfills, factories, chemical plants, petrol and fertilizer storage tanks. 

The waterproofing property of this product is very effective in the construction of factories and manufacturing plants, because construction requirements of these projects are always required to meet environmental standards of which again, our HDPE Geomembrane can provide just that.

2) Biogas Converter from Capturing Methane Gas

These waterproofing membranes with a density of 0.94 are covered on reservoirs containing wastes from farming livestocks, wastewater treatment ponds for tapioca starch manufacturers, to wine factories for preventing odors and water pollution, rain infiltration, disease outbreaks, and other pollutions control

At the same time, the application of this product also helps to capture methane and other useful natural gases to generate usable energy for burning and generating electricity to serve the needs of the community.

3) Aquaculture

Applied in the aquaculture industry, HDPE waterproofing membrane not only helps control the amount of water in the aquarium, it also supports pH control, making farming more efficient, and limiting disease outbreaks compared to traditional pond construction methods.

HDPE Geomembrane

The use of HDPE film will prevent erosion, save operating costs, increase efficiency in harvesting and other farming activities. HDPE Geomembranes are also used to waterproof dikes, hydroelectric dams, canals or technical tunnels, which further promotes the waterproofing ability and excellent mechanical properties of this membrane.

HDPE Geomembrane

4) General Household Applications

In daily life, the use of HDPE film becomes more and more popular as our quality of life increases, from the design requirements of swimming pools, landscape lakes, landscape aquariums, aquariums, or simply domestic water reservoirs, domestic garbage dumps, to underground tunnels, it is essential to use these waterproofing membrane with the correct properties and designs to prevent short and long-term damages.

HDPE Geomembrane



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